Lukk Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresor 1360/85

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Kirjeldus - Lukk Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresor 1360/85
20 mm steel sleeves make this ABUS cable lock with its convinient combination cylinder a secure keyless guard for your bicycle. The ABUS Steel-O-Flex Tresor 1360 secures your bicycle effectively against theft with its 4-digit numerical code. The overlapping steel sleeves with 20mm strength encase the inner steel cable like a tough metal shell. Having selected the individually configurable number code, secure your bike without a key using the Steel-O-Flex Tresor 1360. Special scanning protection hampers attempts to crack the code through tampering.At the same time, the embossed digits on the reel enable you to set the right combination even in the dark.

Product technical specifications

  • 20 mm thick, overlapping steel shells protect the internal steel cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork
  • Two-component number reels ensure long-term readability of the digits
  • Special touch protection for increased security against unauthorised access to the code through manipulation of the mechanism
  • Dark-touch function facilitates use in the dark thanks to special imprinting
  • Individually configurable code
  • Good protection at low theft risk
  • Ideal for securing low-cost bicycles
  • The longer the cable, the easier the bicycle can be locked to a fixed object
  • Due to the steel shells, the Steel-O-Flex™ locks reach a significantly higher security than common cable locks, yet maintaining high flexibility (Double Protection)
  • The combination lock is great for use by several people
  • Weight: 680 g
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Lukk Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresor 1360/85
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Lukk Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresor 1360/85

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