Rattakompuuter SIGMA ROX 11.1 Evo GPS Black HR Set

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The ROX 11.1 EVO GPS bike computer is your perfect training partner for indoor and outdoor bike training. Its numerous functions support and guide bikers reliably so that they can have even greater enjoyment of the freedom and delight bicycling provides. The 55-g bike computer wins over customers with its compact, modern design and simple, user-friendly operation. ROX 11.1 EVO – GPS training computer with a broad range of functions. The five large buttons are easily accessible, so the bike computer is extremely easy to use even when you're wearing gloves. Navigation information and ride data can be read very easily on the 1.77-inch transmissive colour display thanks to its outstanding contrast. Use the free SIGMA RIDE app to track your current ride data and analyse them at any time.

IMPORTANT information before buying: CADENCE/POWER/HEART RATE functions REQUIRES SENSORS, which are not included and must be bought separately. SPEED/DISTANCE functions are based on GPS signal and it is as accurate as technology allows. Some areas may not be well covered by the GPS satellites, so accuracy can vary

Product technical specifications

  • BASIC: SPEED: Current/Average/Maximum , Distance , Training time (net/gross) , Speed graph , SIGMA Performance Index , Calories , Date and Time, Text display available in 8 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech).
  • STATUS: TEMPERATURE: Current/Minimum/Maximum , GPS accuracy , Charge status of the device battery , Air pressure , Weather trend , Compass.
  • TRAINING: Pre-installed sports apps: 4 , Individually adjustable sports profiles: up to 20 , Individually adjustable training pages: up to 6 , Individually adjustable number of training values per page: up to 6 , Templates for training views: 8 , Colours for highlighting training data: 8 , Workouts , Number of workouts on unit: 36 , Crash Alert , Alarms (food, drink, custom) , Auto Pause , Lap function (automatic/manual) , Target zone training (speed, heart rate, cadence, power).
  • HEART RATE FUNCTIONS (requires external heart rate sensor): HEART RATE: Current/Average/Maximum/Minimum, Minimum heart rate and heart rate in %, Average % max. heart rate , Target zone , Intensity zones , Heart rate graph.
  • CADENCE (requires external cadence sensor): Cadence: Current/Average/Maximum, Cadence graph.
  • POWER FUNCTIONS (requires external power meter): Balance: average / 10 sec - average / 3 sec - average / 30 sec - average , Pedal smoothness , Power: Current / %FTP / Average / 10 sec - average / 3 sec - average / 30 sec - average / intensity factor / Max, Power in: kilojoules (kJ) / watt per KG , Normalized power (NP) , Training Stress Score , Power zones , Torque effectiveness (--% / --%) , Power graph.
  • ALTITUDE MEASUREMENT: Altitude: Current/Average/Maximum/Minimum/uphill, Rise rate: Average / Current / Maximum, Altitude graph , Incline uphill: Average/Maximum, Altitude downhill , Rate of descent: Average/Maximum, Maximum rate of descent , Gradient: Current (in %)/Average/Maximum, Number of ascents/descents.
  • LAP FUNCTIONS (manual) / Autolap (time or distance based): Quantity , Lap time , Distance , Calories , Altitude uphill/downhill , Average: incline uphill/slope downhill/rate of ascent/rate of descent/balance/power/heart rate/cadence/altitude/speed, Maximum: performance/cadence/heart rate/altitude/speed, Normalized power (NP) , Pedalling time/index, Lap list.
  • NAVIGATION FUNCTIONS: Map and Track navigation , Turning instruction , Number of tracks on device: up to 36 , Back to start (shortest route back to the starting point) , Time to destination , Arrival time , Distance to the destination , Heading , Distance to the next waypoint.
  • INDOOR TRAINER FUNCTIONS: Trainer resistance/mode/target power.
  • ELECTRONIC SHIFTING (SHIMANO Di2 and SRAM eTap compatible): Battery status , Front and rear gear (chainring) , Gear ratio , Di2 shift mode.
  • E-BIKE FUNCTIONS (only for compatible e-bike systems*): Range , E-bike battery , Support (watt) , Human power vs. motor power , Assistance level , Gear indicator , Lighting , E-bike total distance/total time, *Tip: You can find compatible e-bike systems here: https://rox.sigmasport.com/de/e-bike-compatibility/
  • DATA ANALYSIS: SIGMA DATA CENTER (download and system requirements: https://sigma-download.com/ ) , SIGMA RIDE app (further information: https://rox.sigmasport.com/de/produkt/ride-app/ ) , Memory (internal): up to 100 hrs. Training: , Data format: .fit
  • Specification:
  • Housing material: plastic
  • Dimension: approx. 46.8 x 66.1 x 20.8 mm (W x L x H)
  • GPS functionality: integrated
  • Supported satellites: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Barometric altitude measurement
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Battery: 1000 mAh (Li Ion), 3.7 V (rechargeable)
  • Display size: 1.77"
  • Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels
  • Colour display: 256k colours
  • Display technology: transmissive
  • Backlight: permanent
  • Battery life: up to 18 hrs.
  • Connectivity: ANT+, BLE
  • Smart notifications: yes
  • E-bike ready: yes
  • Weight: approx. 55 g
  • INCLUDES: 1 x ROX 11.1 EVO Navigation Computer, 1 x GPS mount, 1 x attachment material, 1 x USB-C cable, 1 x quick-start instructions.
  • FIRST CLASS FEATURES: With over 150 features, the bike computer can reliably navigate for you and support you during training or on a ride with your friends. The ROX 11.1 EVO provides you with all data reliably and in real time. Speed and distance via GPS, barometric altitude measurement and navigation via Track or komoot are part of the range of features, in addition to compatibility with e-bikes and external sensors. The integrated crash alert notifies your emergency contacts in the event of a fall. Smart notifications inform you about incoming calls and messages while driving. Create workouts using a service of your choice and import them as a FIT file to your SIGMA ROX 11.1 EVO.
  • YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE: There are no limits to your freedom. 4 of up to 20 possible sport profiles are already pre-installed on the ROX 11.1 EVO. Create your own sport profiles and use the ROX 11.1 on different bikes. Six different training views with 1 to 6 data fields can be individually configured and highlighted with the SIGMA RIDE app. This way you can always keep an eye on your personal goals. Additional screens are installed for workout, track and navigation via komoot. There is also an additional data page for connected FE-C Smart roller trainers. Pair your ROX with a smartphone and instantly track your performance on the live screen of the SIGMA RIDE app.
  • EXTENSIVE DATA COLLECTION: How long, how fast, how high? Save up to 100 hours of training time on your ROX 11.1 EVO and keep an overview of your data. Use the ROX 11.1 EVO or the live screen of the SIGMA Ride app to rapidly analyse your performance. After the training, you can of course also use the SIGMA DATA CENTER for PC and MAC, which lets you analyse your data even more comprehensively and plan tracks. Compare your training values, see your progress and control your individual training with the help of the workouts. Use the many sharing options of the SIGMA RIDE app to share your successes with friends and teammates.
  • EVERYTHING IN SIGHT: Navigation instructions and cycling data are easy to read on the 1.77-inch transmissive colour display thanks to the excellent contrast. The display is permanently illuminated and automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions with the help of the Ambient Light Sensor. Do you want your display to be lighter or darker? No problem! If necessary, you can adjust it to ten different brightness levels. The data fields within the training views can be set individually according to your wishes and highlighted in colour. This, in combination with the high-contrast display and the large digits, ensures very good readability.
  • STAY CONNECTED!Smart notifications connect your smartphone to the ROX 11.1 EVO even during the ride. A message about incoming calls, messages and emails automatically will pop up on your display. You can read short messages directly on the ROX 11.1 EVO. If you need peace and quiet while cycling, you can also turn off sounds or smart notifications.
  • SAFETY FIRST!The ROX 11.1 EVO automatically detects a fall and gives you 30 seconds to confirm that you are OK. If not, your emergency contacts will be automatically informed via the SIGMA RIDE app by SMS and your GPS data will be transmitted to them. You can also store emergency data such as blood group, name and medications on your device. These are shown on the display in an emergency.
  • TRACK NAVIGATION: Create a track in the SIGMA DATA CENTER or with a third-party provider of your choice and load it onto the ROX 11.1 EVO. Within the track navigation you can see the correct direction of travel. You can also set waypoints in the track navigation – for cool sights or coffee stops on your route. If you leave the track, you will receive a message from the ROX and the shortest route to the track will be displayed. The track view automatically zooms with your speed so you don't miss a turn. If you leave the track, the zoom level is automatically increased so that the track is always visible and you can quickly find your way back to the route.
  • NAVIGATION WITH KOMOOT: Connect your ROX 11.1 EVO to your komoot app, start the tour in the app and put your smartphone in your pocket. The navigation instructions from komoot are displayed on the ROX 11.1 EVO.
  • INDOOR CYCLING: Connect the ROX 11.1 EVO to your smart trainer or roller. This way you can also use the numerous features of the training computer during your indoor training.
  • SUPER EASY PAIRING: Sensors for measuring speed, cadence and pulse can be easily and reliably connected via BLE and ANT+. Your ROX 11.1 EVO can also be paired with your electronic shifting system or power meter.
  • E-BIKE READY? OF COURSE!The ROX 11.1 EVO is e-bike ready and can be paired with a large variety of e-bikes. Your GPS bike computer connects to the compatible e-bike system and displays specific values such as range, battery status or support level.You can find compatible e-bike systems here: https://rox.sigmasport.com/de/e-bike-compatibility/
  • READY TO GO IN NO TIME!The ROX 11.1 EVO scores points with its simple and intuitive operation. The five large buttons are easily accessible and let you use the bike computer even with gloves on. You will quickly find your way around the simple menu navigation and be exactly where you want to be in just a few steps. The device shows the training mode when you turn it on, so you can get started right away. A separate menu button provides quick access to settings and functions such as workout and track navigation. The ROX 11.1 EVO provides acoustic feedback, e.g. when you receive a message or a call or have to turn off.
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Rattakompuuter SIGMA ROX 11.1 Evo GPS Black HR Set
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Rattakompuuter SIGMA ROX 11.1 Evo GPS Black HR Set

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