Kingad Shimano SH-ME701 MTB Enduro/Trail blue

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Shimano ME (Mountain Enduro) series is designed to be optimal variant and combines some specs from AM and XC series shoes. Premium quality trail performance shoe combines excellent stiffness for pedaling with off the bike traction. Combines high quality Michelin rubber outsole gripness with Torbal tension midsole. TORBAL (Torsional Balance) improves balance and bike control by letting the heel section accommodate some lateral movement, while optimizing pedaling efficiency at the sole/cleat interface. This flexibility better connects the rider and pedal with what the bicycle is doing underfoot, while maintaining comfort and fluidity through all ranges of rider motion. Hardened contact block provides more stability and pedal efficiancy. Chusion insole adds comfort during trail rides. Lightweight pedaling efficiency plus the durability, grip, and armor aggressive trail riders require Stretch Neoprene ankle collar offers additional protection from trail debris Speed lacing system securely fits a wide range of foot shapes DURABLE CONTACT AREAS - Pedal contact areas, toe, and heel boast a SHIMANO-standard blend of grip and durability HIGH-TRACTION RUBBER - Lugs on the outer edges provide excellent traction on the widest variety of terrains Stiffness level. You can find more information on stifness levels by clicking this link: >STIFFNESS LEVEL CHART< Synthetic leather upper Expanded cleat adjustment range Hardened contact block Cushion insole Carbon midsole Closure: 1 buckle, Speed lacing Outsole material: rubber Midsole material: carbon fiber composite Standard insole: Single density extra-cushion Weight: (Size: 42) 396 g IMPORTANT: Please note that Shimano shoes may be 1-2 size smaller than your casual shoes. Please correctly measure your foot length and refer to this Shimano size chart before buying: >SIZE CHART LINK<

Compatible with Shimano SPD clipless pedal system

Super low-profile, reverse mount buckle securely holds foot

Torsional midsole “TORBAL” allows natural rider “flow” motion during downhill descents

MICHELIN high-performance, dual-density rubber outsole offers superior traction with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance
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Kingad Shimano SH-ME701 MTB Enduro/Trail blue
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Kingad Shimano SH-ME701 MTB Enduro/Trail blue

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