Rehv 28" Vittoria Corsa PRO TLR 700x28c / 28-622 para

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Kummieeblid SKS Levermen (3pcs.)

Kummieeblid SKS Levermen (3pcs.)

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Kirjeldus - Rehv 28" Vittoria Corsa PRO TLR 700x28c / 28-622 para

The choice of World Tour Riders: the ultimate evolution in cotton tyre performance. Corsa PRO is the most advanced cotton tyre ever made, delivering unmatched pro-level racing performance. With Corsa PRO, Vittoria engineers succeeded in incorporating the rubber tyre tread with the cotton casing by using newly developed vulcanization processes. Corsa PRO 320 TPI cotton casing – the finest available in the market – provides the suppleness, flexibility and comfort pro-riders are used to, now served in an even more flexible, aerodynamic and reliable tyre construction.

Graphene + Silica compound ensures speed and grip on a range of conditions.Proven cotton casing material, wrapped in a revolutionary new construction that sets the new standard of race tyres, now 100% seamless with more precise electrical vulcanisation proccess.The choice of the pro riders, now even faster with increased puncture resistance. Winner of countless stages and one-day races at World Tour level since the start of the season, Corsa PRO tubeless-ready clincher offer increased speed, wet and cornering grip, puncture resistance and comfort compared to the previous version.

Product technical specifications

  • Size ETRTO (mm): 28-622
  • Size French: 700x28c
  • Type: foldable
  • Version: Tubeless TLR (Tubeless Ready)
  • Compound: Graphene for top speed and puncture protection + Silica for high grip and durability
  • Casing: cotton
  • Bead: Zylon - easy fitting and air retention, with extra protection shield
  • Weight (g): 295
  • TPI (Threads Per Inch): 320
  • Anti-puncture protection: yes


Cotton casing - cotton threads have the thinnest structure in the tyre casing technology, with benefits related to lightweight and flexibility. This characteristic allows the development of cas ings with a higher number of threads per inch, up to 320 TPI, for the top-quality cotton casings. This property allows the tyre to conform closer to the road’s surface, providing a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip. In order to boost the overall strength of the casing, Vittoria uses Corespun yarn, which is a particular type of yarn made by cotton and aramid fibres combined.

About GRAPHENE technology in tires - Graphene is the innovative material used by Vittoria in compounds to improve performance of tires. Graphene is the world’s thinnest material but at the same time one of the strongest ever used for consumer applications. Made of a single hexagonal-shape layer of carbon atoms, Graphene interacts with rubber by filling the space in between the rubber molecules. It acts like a magnet, making rubber molecules closer to one another and improving the overall rubber structure. Graphene’s main properties are related to: Thinness / Strength / Flexibility / Lightness.

Graphene + Silica - Silica, added to Graphene, boosts the tyre performance and consistently provides longer mileage and grip, further empowering the riding experience. Furthermore, this new compound combination reduces tyre weight and increases the performance gains. Vittoria’s lab tests have proven the new combination of Graphene and Silica to provide following performance gains, compared to a normal compound: plus 9% in speed/rolling performance, plus 32% in grip, +21% in puncture resistance, longer mileage and tyre’s wear life

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Rehv 28" Vittoria Corsa PRO TLR 700x28c / 28-622 para
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Rehv 28" Vittoria Corsa PRO TLR 700x28c / 28-622 para

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