Sadul Fizik Tempo Argo R3

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The Fizik Tempo Argo R3 with Kium rail is a versatile endurance road saddle with a short-nosed design and generous ischial support that encourages stability. Where a traditional saddle shape encourages riders to shift their position frequently for better leverage, Argo puts the rider in a more planted position, making for greater stability and better weight distribution. Tempo Argo’s short length allows the rider to sit further forward without placing undue pressure on sensitive tissues. It also features an ergonomic cutout that was developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts.

- Tempo: Versatility road series designed for the most enjoyable riding experience- Argo: Versatile short nose saddle that encourages stability and reliefs pressure on soft tissue area- R3: A combination of a ride compliant carbon reinforced nylon shell and a Kium hollow rail with high strength-to-weight ratio- Wingflex: The shell's side edges flex and adapt to rider's inner legs movement- Type 2 foam: Progressive cushioning, with lower compression modulusUse: RoadGender: MenRails: 7mmWidth: 260Length (Optional): 150mm or 160mmMaterial: carbon fibre reinforced nylon shell, K:ium frameCover: MicrotexPadding: Foam (Typ 2)Weight: 229g (150mm) / 235g (160mm) TechnologyWING FLEX shell has engineered flexibility along the edges where the inner thighs contact the saddle. By allowing this area to flex, the rider can achieve a full range of leg movement in a wide range of riding positions. Wing Flex allows the saddle to adapt to the rider rather than the rider having to get used to the saddle.
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Sadul Fizik Tempo Argo R3
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Sadul Fizik Tempo Argo R3

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